sEVEN sisters of sideshow

seven girls in one...

Meet the seven sisters of Sideshow! Miss Electra, Georgia, Luna, Serpentina, Vera, Bella and Thermalina. The sisters share a mother and a home but are otherwise completely different! Some were born with natural powers, the others spent their childhood learning and perfecting an unusual talent. It is rare they are all together in one show but they can be requested individually with the Dr or take it in turns to perform in the Carnivale Macabre.

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Miss Electra

Sideshow Act: The Electric Chair Demonstration.

The eldest of the sisters, born with a power of control over electricity after her mother was struck by lightning during her pregnancy. Electra is sultry, naughty and loves attention. 

-A huge music fan- particularly Elvis

- favourite things to do include playing with plugs, light bulbs and torches

- loves fried chicken and martinis

-dislikes low voltage charging facilities, rubber soles and cauliflower 

The most photographed of all the sisters, usually recognised by her lack of clothing, silver bikinis and electric pink hair- Shocking!


Sideshow Act: The Georgia Magnet- can you lift her?

The smallest in frame and height (just) Georgia is a powerful little lady. Confident and driven she is a strong supporter of equality and women’s rights. Her powerful ability to control her own weight in performance and seemingly drain strength from others is what makes up her Act as she challenges the strongest men in the audience. Don’t be fooled by the leopard print leotard- it’s just a nod to the old fashioned strong man uniform of yesteryear.

-Scared of- spiders and short men

-cringey moment- being given a wedgie mid performance last year

- happiest when watching live entertainment particularly going to the circus

- enjoys musicals and learning to contact juggle in her free time.

-loves a single malt whisky and Mexican food- could eat Tacos for England!

-a big fan of pin up girls and sailor jerry tattoos


Sideshow Act: generally assisting Dr Diablo, tying in escapes, cleaning of pins...

The second eldest, Bella has many learned skills, she trained as a dancer but broke both legs so had to give up her passion at an early age. However she is definitely the busiest and most involved in the sideshow as she was the first to work with Dr Diablo and got all of her sisters positions in the show! She now performs many danger acts herself such as walking on broken glass and the ladder of swords!

- Happiest when prepping her sisters for shows, assisting the Dr, or doing sound tech.

-loves to paint and draw and has strong interest in her sideshow family tree- discovering cousins Amira, Elastina, Cleo and Minjita.

-A huge lover of cats, Bella currently owns a Bengal.

- dislikes small dressing rooms with no mirrors and cold backstage areas...

-can be a bit of a lad and loves nothing more than a night with movies, pizza and beer.

IMG_1084 2.JPG

Sideshow Act: folding her entire body into a 45cm glass cube

An enterologist, the only sister with very short hair after having to cut bubblegum out of her lovely locks then liking it short. Luna is described as the Broken Doll.

Happiest- when outside at night, her mother named her after the moon

-loves travel, popcorn- sweet and salted to keep you on your toes.

-cute bats and stormy weather

-cucumber friends and drinking hot chocolate, playing crazy golf

-bad habits include biting, gambling, taking risks and playing mindgames,

- enjoys fairgrounds, rubber ducks and magic.


Sideshow Act: The Radium Girl 

Vera is a very unusual girl, she is in fact radioactive! Her great grandmother used to paint the radium dials on watches and with every lick of the brush she and her colleagues were gradually poisoned by the radium. Luckily for Vera the radium only affects her in a positive way allowing her to perform seemingly impossible things!

-Scared of magicians (smart girl)

-Happiest playing golf or knitting

-a huge believer in astrology

- a failed gardener (must be the radium emitting from her body) but loves long bubble baths and turning the water a turquoise colour by accident.

-loves the colour blue, sushi, kiwis and ice cream (but never together) and drinking Sake or milk.


-Sideshow Act: bendy box girl who contorts around blades.

A stubborn Gemini with a lot of attitude Serpentina is not to be messed with. She’s often described as moody and a bit scary but she’s not really that bad when you get to know her. Just don’t bother hitting on her or you will feel the wrath! Inspired by snakes Serpentina became an excellent contortionist, learning how to twist and move her body in bizarre ways.

-happiest when playing with her beautiful Royal Python.

- Loves the beach boys, walks in the rain, camping, karate and yoga.

-  hobbies include caring for her exotic pets and sewing.

- Serpentina is very eco and body friendly, usually found snuggling a cup of green tea or working out with a green smoothie


Sideshow Act: coming soon...

The youngest sister, born with a power to self ignite, bursting into flames on cue, however she hasn't fully mastered herself yet and daren't perform as she often accidentally has an arm light up when she's nervous or stressed!

Scared of- herself (control)

- loves croissants and fancy coffees,

- loves horses, riding and fencing

- a web designer, loves the sunshine, books, very academic.

Girls in action gallery...

Serpentina By Dan Burgess Photograph
Luna by Kj Willan
Miss Electra, Kj Willan
Luna and Dr Diablo pose for a shot
Miss Electra loves a cucumber...
Luna at the IBM Greenock
Bella action shot
Bella at Tattoo Tea Party
Bella- Queen of the Blades
Luna at Doomsday 2017
Taking a peek at Serpentina
45cm cube
Miss Electra and the Dr
Luna on stage in Hull Theatre
Luna drawing crowds in Essex
Bella testing the snake box
Luna by Dan Burgess 2016
Miss Electra 2015
Luna loves Fairgrounds
Georgia getting acquanited
Light as feather, weighs a tonne...