Welcome to The Carnival Macabre...

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As much bizarre and sideshow wonder as you can handle! The Carnival Macabre evening show offers a huge selection of classic acts and some rarer unusual sets as well. Your audience will be horrified, amazed and astounded as the Doctor Diablo performs the Human Blockhead, uses his neck as a pin cushion, shoves bendy girls in small boxes, electrocutes his assistant, plays with mouse traps and enjoys standing on his bed of nails with the added weight of a volunteer! 

Dr Diablo can bring his own stage decor- classic banners, lights and PA system, the show can last up to 90 minutes and is tailor made to each booking. 

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Doctor Diablo has his own stage!

No stage at your venue? Why not hire a full package from Dr Diablo including his custom built stage- it always draws a crowd! Suitable for indoor and outdoor events (height permitting) the sideshow stage really sets the scene at any event.